What is Public Policy?

If you’re wondering what it means to have a degree in public policy and why it’s relevant to serving on the School Board, you’re probably not alone.

During the six years I pursued my degrees, my mom repeatedly asked me to explain what “public policy” is because she didn’t know what to tell her friends I was studying. The technical answer is that it’s an interdisciplinary degree, combining economics, political science, sociology, and specific academic fields of interest to give someone the tools to understand complex problems and craft concrete solutions. See how that can be difficult to explain to your mom in another language?

Over time, I finally learned how to explain what it means to study public policy; we were training to become solvers of public problems. School Boards are responsible for setting policies and budgets for our schools and ultimately, figure out how best to educate the children of our community.

These are public problems that will be solved with public policy.