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10/7/20 Pleasanton Weekly, Livermore school board candidates cite safety, pandemic recovery as top priorities

Budget, inequity, growing education gap among other topics at in-person forum.

10/1/20 The Independent, Yanira Guzman, Kristie Wang for Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District

Wang’s impressive degrees in education and public policy are just the starting point.

9/30/20 The Independent, LVJUSD Candidates Weigh In

This fall, voters will choose two candidates for the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District (LVJUSD) Board of Trustees. Of the five candidates who will appear on the ballot, one incumbent and three newcomers participated in interviews with The Independent this week.

9/20/20 Sing Tao Daily, 王羨茹參選利物摩教委 自信可助校區克服挑戰 Kristie Wang Runs for Livermore School Board, Confident She Can Guide the School District in Overcoming Challenges

新型冠狀病毒大流行,氣候變化下北加州山火連場污染空氣,各地學校都正面對巨大挑戰。東灣利物摩華人王羨茹(Kristie Wang)決意參選利物摩谷聯合校區(Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District)教育委員,自言已經做好準備,有信心可幫助領導校區度過這充滿挑戰的時期。

9/1/20 Pleasanton Weekly, Policy advocate Kristie Wang campaigning for Livermore school board 

Public policy advocate Kristie Wang, who gained attention over the past two years as a leader in the local fight against youth vaping, is running for the Livermore school board this fall.

8/20/20 The Independent, Kristie Wang Runs for Livermore School Board

Kristie Wang, a policy advocate with a focus on education, children and families, is running for a seat on the Livermore School Board.

July 31, 2020 PAVe Podcast Episode 14

Hear how Kristie & two fellow moms fended off JUUL in Livermore:

“On today’s episode we hear the inspiring story of PAVe partners Jannell, Kristie and Paula, the women behind Flavors Addict Kids Livermore. In 2018, as the youth vaping epidemic exploded, these passionate moms-of-teens, furious that local vape shops were selling to minors, took action on the local level, calling for a ban on the sale of all vape devices in Livermore. Then JUUL came to town to take them on. What happened next is a playbook for parents across the country who want to keep Big Tobacco away from our kids!”

“How Three Moms Defeated JUUL in Their Hometown”

7/9/19 ABC 7 News, Livermore votes to ban the sale of flavored tobacco, e-cigarettes

Kristie is interviewed in this ABC 7 news story video about Livermore’s ordinance.