My Priorities

1) Guide our schools through COVID-19
  • Communicate with teachers & parents to make adjustments to distance learning

  • Prepare for transition back to the classroom, incorporating new communications & teaching strategies

  • Prepare for budget shortfalls through state policy advocacy & partnerships

2) Guide our schools through the national conversation on civil rights
  • Guide implementation of the State Superintendent’s ethnic studies guidelines & re-examine our American History curriculum

  • Address racial and gender justice & safety on campuses

  • Recruit teachers of color

3) Prepare our students for the global economy and meet the LVJUSD Mission of ensuring students graduate with the skills needed to thrive in a changing world
  • Recruit strong teachers through external partnerships and pair new teachers with master teachers

  • Enhance programs for all of our students:

    • More vocational, shop, and apprenticeship options

    • Math team from elementary through high school

    • Offer credit/classes in Asian languages

    • More co-lead teaching for IEP students

    • Strengthen reading & writing programs across the District

    • More AP/IB classes

  • Encourage youth civic engagement & work to reduce our schools’ carbon footprint

 “We all do better when we all do better.”

Quote by Senator Paul Wellstone (D-MN, 1991-2002), who was known as “the conscience of the Senate” and for fighting for “the little guy.”