Community Endorsements

With a degree in education policy and years of experience, Kristie is by far, the most qualified candidate for school board. No matter which two candidates you choose, Kristie needs to be one of them. She has been advocating for our students in Livermore for years and has a track record of success. When it comes to student activism, Kristie has been a mentor to student activists, helping them navigate systems of governance to make changes in their communities. I know when elected, she will continue to amplify student voices. Her work in the community proves that she is ready and able to work alongside other government agencies and advocates to achieve goals that will improve the lives of students outside of the classroom.

Con un título en política educativa y años de experiencia, Kristie es, con mucho, el candidato más calificado para la junta escolar. Independientemente de los dos candidatos que elija, Kristie debe ser uno de ellos. Ella ha estado abogando por nuestros estudiantes en Livermore durante años y tiene un historial de éxito. Cuando se trata de activismo estudiantil, Kristie ha sido mentora de estudiantes activistas, ayudándolos a navegar por los sistemas de gobierno para hacer cambios en sus comunidades. Sé que cuando sea elegida, seguirá amplificando las voces de los estudiantes. Su trabajo en la comunidad demuestra que está lista y es capaz de trabajar junto con otras agencias gubernamentales y defensores para lograr metas que mejorarán las vidas de los estudiantes fuera del aula.
Brittni Kiick
Community Advocate
Candidate for Livermore City Council, District 3
I had the honor of meeting Kristie Wang in 2018 in my capacity as a public health professional when she and a small group of Livermore moms decided to pursue local policy action to address the youth vaping epidemic rampant in the schools. We worked closely together for over a year during the adoption of Livermore’s tobacco retail licensing ordinance, during which I got to know Kristie’s brilliant mind, collaborative spirit, strategic thinking, and steadfast perseverance to fight for social justice and health equity. Her respect and care for Livermore youth was evident every step of the way. When Big Tobacco tried to undermine the success of Livermore’s groundbreaking policy, Kristie held strong to her belief in the power of community to fight for positive change. Since then, we continued to work together on similar policies in nearby cities.

I can say without hesitation that Kristie has an unwavering commitment to the health, well-being and success of Livermore’s youth. I only wish I lived in Livermore so I could vote for this fantastic School Board candidate who will stop at nothing to support the youth in her community.
Rachel Gratz-Lazarus
Public Health Advocate
I was able to experience first hand, Kristie’s commitment in educating the Livermore community of the dangers of vaping at the junior and high school levels. I saw her enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and adapting to unpredictable situations during presentations at schools.

He experimentado de primera mano la dedicación de Kristie en educar a la comunidad de Livemore sobre los daños que causa el vapeo a los niños escolares de preparatoria y secundaria. Vi su entusiasmo, ingenio, y como se adaptaba a situaciones inesperadas durante las presentaciones en las escuelas.
Renee Broadbent
Nutritionist / Nutricionista
I became acquainted with Kristie Wang as part of a small group of Livermore moms who were working tirelessly, first in Livermore, and later throughout the Tri-Valley, to protect kids from nicotine addiction associated with vaping and flavored tobacco products. Over the course of last summer, Kristie was there...organizing activities, speaking at City Council Meetings, staffing tables at Farmer's Markets and Back-to- School Nights, and much, much more. Kristie is one of the most dedicated, hard working, responsive people I know. When the welfare of our kids is at stake, she never gives up.

For these reasons, and for her ability to work collaboratively, I wholeheartedly endorse Kristie Wang's candidacy for Livermore School Board.
Mary Perner
Long-time Livermore Community Organizer & Tutor
Grandmother of 6th Grader
Ms. Wang took this photo of me while I was speaking at the Pleasanton City Council. We first met at the Pleasanton City Council planning committee meeting last year, and we continue to work together until the Pleasanton ordinances passed last Aug 18. That was over one year in the making! Ms. Wang values the health and welfare of the youth in Livermore and beyond. She gave me the time and attention when I was new in advocating for anti-vaping initiatives. If she gets elected as School Board Member, she will share her time with you. The students will have a seat at the decision-making table.

I may only be 13 years old and not allowed to vote but I encourage the youth to support candidates who value the welfare of the students - like Ms. Kristie Wang. Simple things like helping advertise her campaign materials in your lawn or sharing in social media make a huge difference.
Connor Lam
8th Grader, Harvest Park Middle School
Kristie Wang has been my comrade since April 2019. I do not know anybody more qualified for Livermore School Board. She cares for the well being of all the kids, compassionate, intelligent, resourceful, humble and persistent. Go, my friend!!
Kyoko Takayama
Livermore Community Organizer
I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Kristie through the close friendship of our daughters and it didn’t take long for me to recognize what kind of passionate, engaged, community-minded, and truly caring woman she is.

With a proven record of taking on “Big Tobacco” and the vaping epidemic in our schools, I have faith in her as a local leader. Kristie and I have an ongoing conversation about the moment we are living in and how it affects our children. From COVID19 to Black Lives Matter, Kristie has been closely listening to what students have to say. She’s attended multiple youth-led protests and took in the concerns of the students. As a mother, wife, and woman with successful experience in policies and local government, Kristie is the one that I want “at the table” representing the families and students in our diverse community.

You’re going to see me talk a lot about Kristie over the next few months. That’s because I believe she is the perfect choice for our Livermore School Board and I am truly honored to be a part of her campaign team supporting her all the way to the win!
Vote for Kristie Wang! #wang4livermoreschools
Apryl Chauhan
Livermore Parent
Local Fitness Instructor
I first met Kristie Wang in 2019 when I tried to convince LVJUSD to admit the Chinese Language as an elective class in the high school curriculum. I approached Kristie for help, and she wrote the application letter and arranged the meeting with the school district for us. She is an open-minded, enthusiastic, and highly efficient person. I fully support her because she really cares about the students in this town, especially the minority groups. Please join me to support her campaign and make our schools better.

我是2019年认识 Kristie Wang 的, 那时我们希望能将汉语纳入到本地高中的外语选修课当中去。很幸运我们找到 Kristie,她帮助我们给学区写了申请信并安排了与学区的相关负责人见面。在这个过程中,我感到 Kristie 是一个有着开放的头脑,热情服务社区,同时工作效率非常高的人。我完全支持她竞选学区委员,因为她是真正关心本地的学生和家长,尤其会关注少数族裔的利益。请加入我们的队伍一起支持她的竞选活动,相信我们的学区的工作会不断进步。
Xiaohong Shi
Mother of 2 Livermore Students
I am excited to announce my endorsement for Kristie Wang for LVJUSD School Board. As a teacher I deeply understand the importance of good leadership in the school board positions. This is an office that people often overlook, but it impacts thousands of students' lives every day. That is why I wholeheartedly endorse Kristie Wang for LVJUSD School Board.

I met Kristie while she was working with two other moms on reducing youth addiction to vape and nicotine products. Her dedication to working with the district, city, and citizens built a coalition that was able to pass groundbreaking legislation to protect our youth. She was able to grow a meeting of three moms into a coalition that helped shape state legislation. The dedication and hours she poured into this work to help protect the health of our youth is what she will do for all Livermore students on the school board.

Kristie worked hard to earn my endorsement, and I am excited to see the improvements she will bring to our district and city. She is a collaborator and coalition builder who will work with the board and our community. I strongly endorse Kristie Wang for LVJUSD Board and hope you will share my endorsement to help educate people about her.
Evan Branning
Community Organizer
I met Kristie last year while working to fight the teen vaping epidemic. I know she is committed to prioritizing the health, wellbeing, and success of every student. Because of this and her steadfast passion for education, I endorse Kristie Wang for Livermore School Board.
Derek Dressler
Former PUSD Student Board Member
I met Kristie in a Livermore Adult School creative writing class. Not only is she an excellent writer, she is a committed parent and community activist. Kristie shares freely about her life experience in an immigrant family coming to the US, learning English, and eventually advancing to graduate study at Harvard. She spear-headed the successful anti-vaping campaign and participates in anti-racism work for our city. With Kristie's intellect for tough issues and a heart for the children we serve, I enthusiastically endorse Kristie Wang for School Board.
Heather Hammer
Parent of 3 LVJUSD Graduates
Retired Teacher at LHS, East Ave., Mendenhall, & Christensen
Presently a Minister of Pastoral Care at Asbury United Methodist Church
The school district will have many challenging problems to solve over the next few years. At this time we need the most qualified residents of Livermore to step up. I was grateful when I learned that my neighbor of 14 years, Kristie Wang, is offering to serve on the Livermore School Board. I say Thank You and GO Kristie. I endorse Kristie Wang for Livermore Valley School Board. There are three reasons I recommend Kristie:

1) HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND EDUCATED FOR THE JOB: Kristie is an extremely smart person, very well educated for the position, and she is able to understand and solve complex situations.

2) CARES ABOUT THE CHILDREN OF OUR COMMUNITY: Kristie Wang is not only devoted to her own children, but she is very attentive to the needs of other children in our community, as evidenced by her leadership to stop vaping. My six children look up to Kristie Wang, and often seek her advice, and Kristie is glad to help them.

Kristie is a natural leader in all of her activities, primarily because she is an excellent listener, she is very smart and able to understand complex problems, and she is honest. We need competent leaders like Kristie.
Daniel Leary
Civil Engineer / Small Business Owner
4 children currently in Livermore Schools
20-year Livermore Resident
I am enthusiastically endorsing Kristie Wang for Livermore School Board. I’ve known Kristie for several years and greatly admired her dedication to protecting our youth from vaping by co-founding Flavors Addict Kids-Livermore and tirelessly fighting for the cause. She has also worked on community efforts of voter registration and getting a complete census count, including youth in both efforts.

Kristie brings her history as a young immigrant from Taiwan, her experiences as a domestic violence victim advocate in the valley, her academic degrees in both education policy and public policy, and her perspective of having two children go through the Livermore school system to high school to the important and demanding position on the Livermore School Board. I believe that Kristie will be an excellent addition to the school board during a period with many challenges.
Helen Machuga
Retired Educator
Mother of 2 GHS Grads, Grandmother of 2
I had the pleasure of meeting Kristie through her work for Flavors Addict Kids. I was immediately impressed by her passion and knowledge about the youth vaping epidemic. Kristie has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of this issue and she was part of a team that was successful in taking on big tobacco in Livermore. She is already helping to keep our kids safer. Kristie’s experience and public policy qualifications are impeccable. She is a thoughtful and compassionate person who will fight for the needs of all students and teachers. I know that Kristie will have a positive impact on our schools. Please join me in voting for Kristie Wang for LVJUSD School Board.
B.J. Reynolds-Koonce
Working Mother with Children in Middle School & High School in Livermore
LVJUSD would be lucky to have Kristie on the school board. She sees a problem and sets out to solve it, as she did as a co-founder of Flavors Addict Kids-Livermore. Kristie expects excellence in education and will help to make sure all students have the tools they need to succeed once they graduate from high school.
Jean O'Neil-Opipari
Mother of 3 Smith, MMS, GHS, Vineyard students, PTA, Supporters, Pathways to a Bright Future, GATE
I had the pleasure of meeting Kristie after she presented her thinking about Flavors Addict Kids Livermore at a Livermore Indivisible meeting. I was struck by her breath of knowledge on the subject, her eloquence of speech, and her compassion for children. I knew that I wanted to get to know her better. And I have—through our mutual work for Census 2020. Her extensive background in public policy and close-up work with children recommend her well for a seat on Livermore’s school board. I have seen first hand how hard she works, and she has my full support. You will want to get to know Kristie too.
Kellie Essary
Retired Educator
Community Organizer
I heartily endorse Kristie Wang for school board. I watched her work diligently to get a ban on flavored vape juices and tobacco in our city, the county, and the state to protect the health of our young people. She is hard working, intelligent, honest, and above all caring. She wants only the best for our youth, and she won't stop until she gets it.
Marilyn Dykstra
Mother of 2 GHS graduates
Livermore Education Advocate
Livermore Special Needs Parent Advocate
Livermore Dyslexia Parent Group Advocate
I am pleased to recommend Kristie Wang for LVJUSD School Board. Kristie has been an advocate for healthy youth choices in our community. Kristie's ability to mobilize community stakeholders is to be applauded. Kristie's dedication and hard work will promote a healthy and positive environment on the LVJUSD School Board. Support Kristie Wang for School Board.

Karen Halfon
Mother of 2 LVJUSD students
I haven't met Kristie in person yet, but good words about her have been spreading around for a while. I support her not only because of her extraordinary professional background, but because of her efforts and dedication to education, her care to children's health, as well as her commitment to local communities. I believe Kristie is a strong candidate who will bring in diversity and fresh impetus to our local schools.

Yuan Yang
Mother of 2
Mandarin Teacher Candidate
I've known Kristie for over 10 years. Our kids have been at the same schools for some of those years and Kristie has always had great ideas on how to improve the education for kids in Livermore. She is a dedicated parent and enthusiastic advocate for the students of Livermore.

Maria Fattibene
Mother of a Granada High School Student
Part-time Chef Instructor
I’ve known Kristie since our daughters were in Kindergarten. They are now in Junior years. Kristie is very passionate about children’s education. She will be a great person as a Livermore School Board member. Go Kristie!

Anita Overholt
Instructional Specialist
Kristie works tirelessly in the fight against Big Tobacco in order to protect our youth. As a mother of two Livermore students, she is truly invested and I have been impressed by her energy, determination and skill as a public policy advocate.

Dawn Silva
Mother of 3 Granada Graduates
Kristie has boundless energy, high intelligence, and commitment. Her empathy and communication skills make her a valuable member of any team.

Ellen Turner
Retired School Administrator
I support the causes that Kristie focuses on. I saw her running around Livermore, probably trying to get ready for the election. I admire her energy and spirit to keep Livermore safe for our children.

Esther Shin
Mother of 2, one at GHS
Kristie is a tireless worker for many worthy causes, especially those that promote the well being of kids but also that of her fellow citizens. She will be an outstanding member of the Livermore School Board. Go Kristie!

Kristine Kansa
Mother of Livermore School Graduate, Grandmother of 2
Retired Human Resources Specialist
Long Time Resident of Livermore
Kristie has amazing skills and qualifications and will be a great asset to our school board.

Jill Snodgress
Mother of 2 Granada Students
Support public education. Good performance starts with strong leadership with relevant experience. Kristie is the candidate.

Norman Lee
Livermore Resident
Kristie is a very nice and responsible person and ready to help our schools.

Wendy Han
Mother of 2 GHS students
Proud supporter of Kristie Wang for the Livermore School Board! 👏🏻 👍🏻

Michelle Langhart
Mother of 2 (Smith & Mendenhall students)
Substitute Teacher
Joanne Morrison
Tutor to 2 Students
Member of LVJUSD Student Health & Wellness Committee
Caroline Robinson
Arts Advisory Board
Wyn Davies
Father of a GHS Junior
Doreen Aubel
Peggy McGurk
Retired Teacher
Jenn Bowman
Grade Level Advisor for National Charity League
Girl Scout Troop Leader
Livermore Mother of Two
Claudia Angst Zuanich,
Mother of 3 (two GHS alum, one 8th grader)
Phantom Lacrosse
Tylla Zou
Mother of 2 children
Noel Richards
Mother of 3 GHS grads & current 7th grader

Would you like to add your name to Kristie’s list of supporters as well?